Commit 1badf157 authored by thomie's avatar thomie
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Testsuite: do not write empty files on 'make accept'

Also prevent showing '\ No newline at end of file' in diff output.
parent 9b49c65f
......@@ -1647,10 +1647,14 @@ def compare_outputs(way, kind, normaliser, expected_file, actual_file,
way in getTestOpts().expect_fail_for):
if_verbose(1, 'Test is expected to fail. Not accepting new output.')
return 0
elif config.accept:
elif config.accept and actual_raw:
if_verbose(1, 'Accepting new output.')
write_file(expected_path, actual_raw)
return 1
elif config.accept:
if_verbose(1, 'No output. Deleting {0}.'.format(expected_path))
return 1
return 0
......@@ -2306,4 +2310,8 @@ def printFailingTestInfosSummary(file, testInfos):
def modify_lines(s, f):
return '\n'.join([f(l) for l in s.splitlines()])
s = '\n'.join([f(l) for l in s.splitlines()])
if s and s[-1] != '\n':
# Prevent '\ No newline at end of file' warnings when diffing.
s += '\n'
return s
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