Commit 1c115be1 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Add replacements for the -optdep flags, and deprecate the old ones

parent 09d76f81
......@@ -1106,15 +1106,24 @@ dynamic_flags = [
-------- ghc -M -----------------------------------------------------
, Flag "optdep-s" (HasArg (upd . addDepSuffix)) Supported
, Flag "optdep-f" (HasArg (upd . setDepMakefile)) Supported
, Flag "dep-suffix" (HasArg (upd . addDepSuffix)) Supported
, Flag "optdep-s" (HasArg (upd . addDepSuffix))
(Deprecated "Use -dep-suffix instead")
, Flag "dep-makefile" (HasArg (upd . setDepMakefile)) Supported
, Flag "optdep-f" (HasArg (upd . setDepMakefile))
(Deprecated "Use -dep-makefile instead")
, Flag "optdep-w" (NoArg (upd (setDepWarnings False)))
(Deprecated "-optdep-w doesn't do anything")
, Flag "include-pkg-deps" (NoArg (upd (setDepIncludePkgDeps True))) Supported
, Flag "optdep--include-prelude" (NoArg (upd (setDepIncludePkgDeps True)))
(Deprecated "Use -optdep--include-pkg-deps instead")
, Flag "optdep--include-pkg-deps" (NoArg (upd (setDepIncludePkgDeps True))) Supported
, Flag "optdep--exclude-module" (HasArg (upd . addDepExcludeMod)) Supported
, Flag "optdep-x" (HasArg (upd . addDepExcludeMod)) Supported
(Deprecated "Use -include-pkg-deps instead")
, Flag "optdep--include-pkg-deps" (NoArg (upd (setDepIncludePkgDeps True)))
(Deprecated "Use -include-pkg-deps instead")
, Flag "exclude-module" (HasArg (upd . addDepExcludeMod)) Supported
, Flag "optdep--exclude-module" (HasArg (upd . addDepExcludeMod))
(Deprecated "Use -exclude-module instead")
, Flag "optdep-x" (HasArg (upd . addDepExcludeMod))
(Deprecated "Use -exclude-module instead")
-------- Linking ----------------------------------------------------
, Flag "c" (NoArg (upd $ \d -> d{ ghcLink=NoLink } ))
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