Commit 1f9ca81c authored by dterei's avatar dterei

Enable '-split-objs' with llvm backend

parent 508d8e0c
......@@ -1376,11 +1376,12 @@ runPhase LlvmLlc input_fn dflags
-- LlvmMangle phase
runPhase LlvmMangle input_fn _dflags
runPhase LlvmMangle input_fn dflags
= do
output_fn <- phaseOutputFilename As
let next_phase = if dopt Opt_SplitObjs dflags then Splitter else As
output_fn <- phaseOutputFilename next_phase
io $ llvmFixupAsm input_fn output_fn
return (As, output_fn)
return (next_phase, output_fn)
-- merge in stub objects
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