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Reject polytypes in instance declarations (for now anyway)

parent 25f8fc63
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ import TcRnMonad -- TcType, amongst others
import FunDeps ( grow, checkInstCoverage )
import Name ( Name, setNameUnique, mkSysTvName )
import VarSet
import DynFlags ( dopt, DynFlag(..), DynFlags )
import DynFlags ( dopt, DynFlag(..) )
import Util ( nOfThem, isSingleton, notNull )
import ListSetOps ( removeDups )
import Outputable
......@@ -1075,24 +1075,27 @@ checkValidInstHead ty -- Should be a source type
check_inst_head dflags clas tys
-- If GlasgowExts then check at least one isn't a type variable
| dopt Opt_GlasgowExts dflags
= returnM ()
= mapM_ check_one tys
| isSingleton tys,
tcValidInstHeadTy first_ty
= returnM ()
| otherwise
= failWithTc (instTypeErr (pprClassPred clas tys) head_shape_msg)
= checkTc (isSingleton tys && tcValidInstHeadTy first_ty)
(instTypeErr (pprClassPred clas tys) head_shape_msg)
(first_ty : _) = tys
head_shape_msg = parens (text "The instance type must be of form (T a b c)" $$
text "where T is not a synonym, and a,b,c are distinct type variables")
-- For now, I only allow tau-types (not polytypes) in
-- the head of an instance decl.
-- E.g. instance C (forall a. a->a) is rejected
-- One could imagine generalising that, but I'm not sure
-- what all the consequences might be
check_one ty = do { check_tau_type (Rank 0) UT_NotOk ty
; checkTc (not (isUnLiftedType ty)) (unliftedArgErr ty) }
instTypeErr pp_ty msg
= sep [ptext SLIT("Illegal instance declaration for") <+> quotes pp_ty,
nest 4 msg]
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