Commit 2ae921ed authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-09-04 11:19:48 by simonmar]

Disallow 'foreign import stdcall "wrapper"' when compiling via the

parent 49bc5096
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ import TcType ( Type, tcSplitFunTys, tcSplitTyConApp_maybe,
isFFIExternalTy, isFFIDynArgumentTy,
isFFIDynResultTy, isForeignPtrTy
import ForeignCall ( CExportSpec(..), CCallTarget(..),
import ForeignCall ( CExportSpec(..), CCallTarget(..), CCallConv(..),
isDynamicTarget, isCasmTarget )
import CStrings ( CLabelString, isCLabelString )
import PrelNames ( hasKey, ioTyConKey )
......@@ -106,13 +106,20 @@ tcCheckFIType sig_ty arg_tys res_ty (CImport _ _ _ _ (CLabel _))
= checkCg checkCOrAsm `thenNF_Tc_`
check (isFFILabelTy sig_ty) (illegalForeignTyErr empty sig_ty)
tcCheckFIType sig_ty arg_tys res_ty (CImport _ _ _ _ CWrapper)
tcCheckFIType sig_ty arg_tys res_ty (CImport cconv _ _ _ CWrapper)
= -- Foreign wrapper (former f.e.d.)
-- The type must be of the form ft -> IO (FunPtr ft), where ft is a
-- valid foreign type. For legacy reasons ft -> IO (Ptr ft) as well
-- as ft -> IO Addr is accepted, too. The use of the latter two forms
-- is DEPRECATED, though.
checkCg checkCOrAsmOrInterp `thenNF_Tc_`
checkCg (if cconv == StdCallConv
then checkC
else checkCOrAsmOrInterp) `thenNF_Tc_`
-- the native code gen can't handle foreign import stdcall "wrapper",
-- because it doesn't emit the '@n' suffix on the label of the
-- C stub function. Infrastructure changes are required to make this
-- happen; MachLabel will need to carry around information about
-- the arity of the foreign call.
case arg_tys of
[arg1_ty] -> checkForeignArgs isFFIExternalTy arg1_tys `thenNF_Tc_`
checkForeignRes nonIOok isFFIExportResultTy res1_ty `thenNF_Tc_`
......@@ -269,7 +276,7 @@ checkForeignRes non_io_result_ok pred_res_ty ty
(illegalForeignTyErr result ty)
checkDotNet HscILX = Nothing
checkDotNet other = Just (text "requires .NET code generation (-filx)")
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