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......@@ -163,14 +163,16 @@ dsHsBind auto_scc rest (AbsBinds [] [] exports binds)
where B is the *non-recursive* binding
fl = fg a b
gl = gg b
h = h a b
h = h a b -- See (b); note shadowing!
Notice (a) g has a different number of type variables to f, so we must
use the mkArbitraryType thing to fill in the gaps.
We use a type-let to do that.
(b) The local variable h isn't in the exports, and rather than
clone a fresh copy we simply replace h by (h a b).
clone a fresh copy we simply replace h by (h a b), where
the two h's have different types! Shadowing happens here,
which looks confusing but works fine.
(c) The result is *still* quadratic-sized if there are a lot of
small bindings. So if there are more than some small
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