Commit 34fa81c4 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2005-01-31 14:57:36 by simonpj]

Compile utilities and lib/compat with GhcHcOpts, in case it is profiled
parent f5106d93
......@@ -10,4 +10,9 @@ SRC_MKDEPENDC_OPTS += -I$(GHC_INCLUDE_DIR)
SRC_LD_OPTS += -L$(GHC_LIB_COMPAT_DIR) -lghccompat
# This is required because libghccompat.a must be built with
# $(GhcHcOpts) because it is linked to the compiler, and hence
# we must also build with $(GhcHcOpts) here:
SRC_HC_OPTS += $(GhcHcOpts)
include $(TOP)/mk/
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