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When finding loop breakers, distinguish INLINE from INLINEABLE

Previously INLINE and INLINEABLE were treated identically, but it's
crucial that we don't choose a wrapper (INLINE) as a loop breaker,
when it is mutually recursive with an INLINEABLE worker.
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......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ module CoreSyn (
maybeUnfoldingTemplate, otherCons,
isValueUnfolding, isEvaldUnfolding, isCheapUnfolding,
isExpandableUnfolding, isConLikeUnfolding, isCompulsoryUnfolding,
isStableUnfolding, isStableCoreUnfolding_maybe,
isStableUnfolding, hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe,
isClosedUnfolding, hasSomeUnfolding,
canUnfold, neverUnfoldGuidance, isStableSource,
......@@ -929,10 +929,17 @@ expandUnfolding_maybe :: Unfolding -> Maybe CoreExpr
expandUnfolding_maybe (CoreUnfolding { uf_expandable = True, uf_tmpl = rhs }) = Just rhs
expandUnfolding_maybe _ = Nothing
isStableCoreUnfolding_maybe :: Unfolding -> Maybe UnfoldingSource
isStableCoreUnfolding_maybe (CoreUnfolding { uf_src = src })
| isStableSource src = Just src
isStableCoreUnfolding_maybe _ = Nothing
hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe :: Unfolding -> Maybe Bool
-- Just True <=> has stable inlining, very keen to inline (eg. INLINE pragma)
-- Just False <=> has stable inlining, open to inlining it (eg. INLINEABLE pragma)
-- Nothing <=> not table, or cannot inline it anyway
hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe (CoreUnfolding { uf_src = src, uf_guidance = guide })
| isStableSource src
= case guide of
UnfWhen {} -> Just True
UnfIfGoodArgs {} -> Just False
UnfNever -> Nothing
hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe _ = Nothing
isCompulsoryUnfolding :: Unfolding -> Bool
isCompulsoryUnfolding (CoreUnfolding { uf_src = InlineCompulsory }) = True
......@@ -879,13 +879,14 @@ reOrderNodes depth bndr_set weak_fvs (node : nodes) binds
| isDFunId bndr = 9 -- Never choose a DFun as a loop breaker
-- Note [DFuns should not be loop breakers]
| Just _ <- isStableCoreUnfolding_maybe (idUnfolding bndr)
= 3 -- Note [INLINE pragmas]
| Just be_very_keen <- hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe (idUnfolding bndr)
= if be_very_keen then 6 -- Note [Loop breakers and INLINE/INLINEABLE pragmas]
else 3
-- Data structures are more important than INLINE pragmas
-- so that dictionary/method recursion unravels
-- Note that this case hits all InlineRule things, so we
-- never look at 'rhs' for InlineRule stuff. That's right, because
-- 'rhs' is irrelevant for inlining things with an InlineRule
-- Note that this case hits all stable unfoldings, so we
-- never look at 'rhs' for stable unfoldings. That's right, because
-- 'rhs' is irrelevant for inlining things with a stable unfolding
| is_con_app rhs = 5 -- Data types help with cases: Note [Constructor applications]
......@@ -962,43 +963,25 @@ The RULES stuff means that we can't choose $dm as a loop breaker
opInt *and* opBool, and so on. The number of loop breakders is
linear in the number of instance declarations.
Note [INLINE pragmas]
Note [Loop breakers and INLINE/INLINEABLE pragmas]
Avoid choosing a function with an INLINE pramga as the loop breaker!
If such a function is mutually-recursive with a non-INLINE thing,
then the latter should be the loop-breaker.
----> Historical note, dating from when strictness wrappers
were generated from the strictness signatures:
It's vital to distinguish between INLINE and INLINEABLE (the
Bool returned by hasStableCoreUnfolding_maybe). If we start with
Rec { {-# INLINEABLE f #-}
f x = ...f... }
and then worker/wrapper it through strictness analysis, we'll get
Rec { {-# INLINEABLE $wf #-}
$wf p q = let x = (p,q) in ...f...
Usually this is just a question of optimisation. But a particularly
bad case is wrappers generated by the demand analyser: if you make
then into a loop breaker you may get an infinite inlining loop. For
rec {
$wfoo x = x....
{-# INLINE f #-}
f x = case x of (p,q) -> $wf p q }
{-loop brk-} foo x = ...$wfoo x...
The interface file sees the unfolding for $wfoo, and sees that foo is
strict (and hence it gets an auto-generated wrapper). Result: an
infinite inlining in the importing scope. So be a bit careful if you
change this. A good example is Tree.repTree in
nofib/spectral/minimax. If the repTree wrapper is chosen as the loop
breaker then compiling Game.hs goes into an infinite loop. This
happened when we gave is_con_app a lower score than inline candidates:
= __inline_me (/\a. \w w1 w2 ->
case Tree.$wrepTree @ a w w1 w2 of
{ (# ww1, ww2 #) -> Branch @ a ww1 ww2 })
= /\a w w1 w2 ->
(# w2_smP, map a (Tree a) (Tree.repTree a w1 w) (w w2) #)
Here we do *not* want to choose 'repTree' as the loop breaker.
-----> End of historical note
Now it is vital that we choose $wf as the loop breaker, so we can
inline 'f' in '$wf'.
Note [DFuns should not be loop breakers]
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