Commit 3873f299 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-01-06 16:59:22 by simonmar]

lookupFixityRn: we should be using loadHomeInterface rather than
loadSrcInterface here, because this is a system-ish import rather than
an explicit user import.  In particular, loadSrcInterface will
complain if the module in question is hidden, but this is not what we
parent 3d5dd8de
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ module RnEnv (
#include "HsVersions.h"
import LoadIface ( loadSrcInterface )
import LoadIface ( loadHomeInterface, loadSrcInterface )
import IfaceEnv ( lookupOrig, newGlobalBinder, newIPName )
import HsSyn
import RdrHsSyn ( extractHsTyRdrTyVars )
......@@ -338,6 +338,8 @@ lookupQualifiedName rdr_name
mod = rdrNameModule rdr_name
occ = rdrNameOcc rdr_name
-- Note: we want to behave as we would for a source file import here,
-- and respect hiddenness of modules/packages, hence loadSrcInterface.
loadSrcInterface doc mod False `thenM` \ iface ->
case [ (mod,occ) |
......@@ -423,11 +425,13 @@ lookupFixityRn name
-- nothing from B will be used). When we come across a use of
-- 'f', we need to know its fixity, and it's then, and only
-- then, that we load B.hi. That is what's happening here.
loadSrcInterface doc name_mod False `thenM` \ iface ->
-- loadHomeInterface will find B.hi even if B is a hidden module,
-- and that's what we want.
initIfaceTcRn (loadHomeInterface doc name) `thenM` \ iface ->
returnM (mi_fix_fn iface (nameOccName name))
doc = ptext SLIT("Checking fixity for") <+> ppr name
name_mod = nameModule name
dataTcOccs :: RdrName -> [RdrName]
-- If the input is a data constructor, return both it and a type
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