Commit 3ad31134 authored by mnislaih's avatar mnislaih
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Make pprNameLoc more robust in absence of loc information

parent 8bbebfe6
......@@ -402,10 +402,13 @@ ppr_occ_name occ = ftext (occNameFS occ)
-- cached behind the scenes in the FastString implementation.
ppr_z_occ_name occ = ftext (zEncodeFS (occNameFS occ))
-- Prints "Defined at <loc>" or "Defined in <mod>" information for a Name.
-- Prints (if mod information is available) "Defined at <loc>" or
-- "Defined in <mod>" information for a Name.
pprNameLoc :: Name -> SDoc
pprNameLoc name
| isGoodSrcSpan loc = pprDefnLoc loc
| isInternalName name || isSystemName name
= ptext SLIT("<no location info>")
| otherwise = ptext SLIT("Defined in ") <> ppr (nameModule name)
where loc = nameSrcSpan name
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