Commit 3ce0e499 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix part of #3398: pretty-printing always goes via the I/O library encoding

That is, unless we're printing in LeftMode, where we bypass encoding
for speed.  This is safe, because LeftMode is used for outputting C or
asm, where everyting is Z-encoded and hence ASCII.

Error messages and other compiler output containing Unicode will now
appear correctly according to the locale settings.
parent d20d32d7
......@@ -1000,10 +1000,6 @@ spaces n | n <=# _ILIT(0) = ""
pprCols :: Int
pprCols = 100 -- could make configurable
-- NB. printDoc prints FastStrings in UTF-8: hPutFS below does no decoding.
-- This is what we usually want, because the IO library has no encoding
-- functionality, and we're assuming UTF-8 source code so we might as well
-- assume UTF-8 output too.
printDoc :: Mode -> Handle -> Doc -> IO ()
printDoc LeftMode hdl doc
= do { printLeftRender hdl doc; hFlush hdl }
......@@ -1013,7 +1009,9 @@ printDoc mode hdl doc
put (Chr c) next = hPutChar hdl c >> next
put (Str s) next = hPutStr hdl s >> next
put (PStr s) next = hPutFS hdl s >> next
put (PStr s) next = hPutStr hdl (unpackFS s) >> next
-- NB. not hPutFS, we want this to go through
-- the I/O library's encoding layer. (#3398)
put (LStr s l) next = hPutLitString hdl s l >> next
done = hPutChar hdl '\n'
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