Commit 3cea6795 authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot

Make: fix sdist target (#17848)

parent 33fa8d94
......@@ -1217,8 +1217,8 @@ sdist-ghc-prep-tree :
# Add files generated by alex and happy.
# These rules depend on sdist-ghc-prep-tree.
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,GHC,Cmm,Lexer,x))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,GHC,Cmm,Parser,y))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,.,GHC/Cmm/Lexer,x))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,.,GHC/Cmm/Parser,y))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,parser,Lexer,x))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,compiler,stage2,parser,Parser,y))
$(eval $(call sdist-ghc-file,utils/hpc,dist-install,,HpcParser,y))
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ sdist_$1_$2_$4 : sdist-ghc-prep-tree
# Generate the .hs files if they don't exist yet, then do actual copying and
# moving.
sdist_$1_$2_$4 : $1/$2/build/$4.hs
"$(CP)" $1/$2/build/$4.hs $(SRC_DIST_GHC_DIR)/$1/$3
"$(CP)" $1/$2/build/$4.hs $(SRC_DIST_GHC_DIR)/$1/$3/$$(dir $4)
mv $(SRC_DIST_GHC_DIR)/$1/$3/$4.$5 $(SRC_DIST_GHC_DIR)/$1/$3/$4.$5.source
# And make sure the rules for generating the .hs files exist, even when we
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