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[project @ 2001-10-15 15:03:48 by simonpj]

Add comments re eta expansion
parent 97bef2ce
......@@ -160,9 +160,11 @@ corePrepRecPairs env pairs
bndrs = map fst pairs
corePrepRhs :: CloneEnv -> (Id, CoreExpr) -> UniqSM CoreExpr
-- Used for top-level bindings, and local recursive bindings
-- c.f. mkLocalNonRec, which does the other case
-- No nonsense about floating.
-- Prepare the RHS and eta expand it.
corePrepRhs env (bndr, rhs)
-- Prepare the RHS and eta expand it.
-- No nonsense about floating
= corePrepAnExpr env rhs `thenUs` \ rhs' ->
getUniquesUs `thenUs` \ us ->
returnUs (etaExpand (exprArity rhs') us rhs' (idType bndr))
......@@ -416,6 +418,9 @@ mkLocalNonRec bndr dem floats rhs
-- because floating the case would make it evaluated too early
-- Finally, eta-expand the RHS, for the benefit of the code gen
-- This might not have happened already, because eta expansion
-- is done by the simplifier only when there at least one lambda already.
-- NB: we could refrain when the RHS is trivial (which can happen
-- for exported things. This would reduce the amount of code
-- generated (a little) and make things a little words for
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