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Fix comment in CgMonad

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...@@ -299,12 +299,11 @@ data HeapUsage = ...@@ -299,12 +299,11 @@ data HeapUsage =
} }
\end{code} \end{code}
The heap high water mark is the larger of virtHp and hwHp. The latter is virtHp keeps track of the next location to allocate an object at. realHp keeps
only records the high water marks of forked-off branches, so to find the track of what the Hp STG register actually points to. The reason these aren't
heap high water mark you have to take the max of virtHp and hwHp. Remember, always the same is that we want to be able to move the realHp in one go when
virtHp never retreats! allocating numerous objects to save having to bump it each time. virtHp we do
bump each time but it doesn't create corresponding inefficient machine code.
Note Jan 04: ok, so why do we only look at the virtual Hp??
\begin{code} \begin{code}
heapHWM :: HeapUsage -> VirtualHpOffset heapHWM :: HeapUsage -> VirtualHpOffset
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