Commit 4027a7dd authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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When checking FFI types are IO, don't look through abstract newtypes; #3008

parent 7ca27dce
......@@ -31,12 +31,18 @@ import ForeignCall
import ErrUtils
import Id
import Name
import RdrName
import DataCon
import TyCon
import TcType
import Coercion
import PrelNames
import DynFlags
import Outputable
import SrcLoc
import Bag
import FastString
import Util
......@@ -259,13 +265,48 @@ mustBeIO = False
checkForeignRes non_io_result_ok safehs_check pred_res_ty ty
-- (IO t) is ok, and so is any newtype wrapping thereof
| Just (_, res_ty, _) <- tcSplitIOType_maybe ty,
pred_res_ty res_ty
= return ()
= do m <- tcSplitVisibleIOType_maybe ty
case m of
Just (_, res_ty, _)
| pred_res_ty res_ty ->
return ()
_ ->
check (non_io_result_ok && pred_res_ty ty)
(illegalForeignTyErr result ty $+$ safeHsErr safehs_check)
-- This is mostly a copy of TcType.tcSplitIOType_maybe, except it checks
-- that it doesn't look through any newtypes for which the constructor
-- is not exported.
tcSplitVisibleIOType_maybe :: Type -> TcM (Maybe (TyCon, Type, Coercion))
tcSplitVisibleIOType_maybe ty
= case tcSplitTyConApp_maybe ty of
-- This split absolutely has to be a tcSplit, because we must
-- see the IO type; and it's a newtype which is transparent to
-- splitTyConApp.
Just (io_tycon, [io_res_ty])
| io_tycon `hasKey` ioTyConKey
-> return $ Just (io_tycon, io_res_ty, mkReflCo ty)
Just (tc, tys)
| not (isRecursiveTyCon tc)
, Just (ty, co1) <- instNewTyCon_maybe tc tys
-- Newtypes that require a coercion are ok
-> do newtypeOK <- do env <- getGblEnv
case tyConSingleDataCon_maybe tc of
Just dataCon ->
return $ notNull $ lookupGRE_Name (tcg_rdr_env env) $ dataConName dataCon
Nothing ->
return False
if newtypeOK
then do m <- tcSplitVisibleIOType_maybe ty
return $ case m of
Nothing -> Nothing
Just (tc, ty', co2) -> Just (tc, ty', co1 `mkTransCo` co2)
else return Nothing
_ -> return Nothing
| otherwise
= check (non_io_result_ok && pred_res_ty ty)
(illegalForeignTyErr result ty $+$ safeHsErr safehs_check)
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