Commit 406a82d9 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2003-02-06 17:37:50 by simonpj]

Deal with TForall in cvtType
parent 70e9ee75
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ import HsSyn as Hs
Pat(..), HsConDetails(..), HsOverLit, BangType(..),
placeHolderType, HsType(..), HsTupCon(..),
HsTyVarBndr(..), HsContext,
mkSimpleMatch, mkHsForAllTy
import RdrName ( RdrName, mkRdrUnqual, mkRdrQual, mkOrig )
......@@ -288,6 +288,10 @@ cvtType ty = trans (root ty [])
trans (Tvar nm, args) = foldl HsAppTy (HsTyVar (tName nm)) args
trans (Tcon tc, args) = foldl HsAppTy (HsTyVar (tc_name tc)) args
trans (TForall tvs cxt ty, []) = mkHsForAllTy (Just (cvt_tvs tvs))
(cvt_context cxt)
(cvtType ty)
tc_name (TconName nm) = tconName nm
tc_name Arrow = tconName "->"
tc_name List = tconName "[]"
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