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Add strictness for raiseIO# primop

parent 51367fba
......@@ -1140,10 +1140,14 @@ primop RaiseOp "raise#" GenPrimOp
-- raiseIO# needs to be a primop, because exceptions in the IO monad
-- must be *precise* - we don't want the strictness analyser turning
-- one kind of bottom into another, as it is allowed to do in pure code.
-- But we *do* want to know that it returns bottom after
-- being applied to two arguments
primop RaiseIOOp "raiseIO#" GenPrimOp
a -> State# RealWorld -> (# State# RealWorld, b #)
strictness = { \ _arity -> mkStrictSig (mkTopDmdType [lazyDmd,lazyDmd] BotRes) }
out_of_line = True
has_side_effects = True
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