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FIX Trac #1332: make isStringTy work right

For some ancient reason, TcType.isStringTy was treating newtypes as
transparent, which is quite consistent with isIntTy, isBoolTy etc.  
(I think the reason is that isStringTy was written to go with isFFIDotNetTy,
which deals in representation types.)

Anyway, this inconsistency is Utterly Wrong when called from 
Inst.shortCutStringLit, and that made tc224 fail.  I can't think how
it ever succeeded.  Maybe it never did!

Anyway this fixes it. It may be that .NET FFI calls are not quite as
permissive, but they are almost certainly broken in more serious ways,
so I'm going to jump that bridge if we come to it.
parent fd8f8c6a
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ module TcType (
isSigmaTy, isOverloadedTy, isRigidTy, isBoxyTy,
isDoubleTy, isFloatTy, isIntTy, isStringTy,
isIntegerTy, isBoolTy, isUnitTy,
isIntegerTy, isBoolTy, isUnitTy, isCharTy,
isTauTy, isTauTyCon, tcIsTyVarTy, tcIsForAllTy,
......@@ -942,6 +942,12 @@ isIntegerTy = is_tc integerTyConKey
isIntTy = is_tc intTyConKey
isBoolTy = is_tc boolTyConKey
isUnitTy = is_tc unitTyConKey
isCharTy = is_tc charTyConKey
isStringTy ty
= case tcSplitTyConApp_maybe ty of
Just (tc, [arg_ty]) -> tc == listTyCon && isCharTy arg_ty
other -> False
is_tc :: Unique -> Type -> Bool
-- Newtypes are opaque to this
......@@ -1135,18 +1141,10 @@ isFFIDotnetTy :: DynFlags -> Type -> Bool
isFFIDotnetTy dflags ty
= checkRepTyCon (\ tc -> (legalFIResultTyCon dflags tc ||
isFFIDotnetObjTy ty || isStringTy ty)) ty
-- NB: isStringTy used to look through newtypes, but
-- it no longer does so. May need to adjust isFFIDotNetTy
-- if we do want to look through newtypes.
-- Support String as an argument or result from a .NET FFI call.
isStringTy ty =
case tcSplitTyConApp_maybe (repType ty) of
Just (tc, [arg_ty])
| tc == listTyCon ->
case tcSplitTyConApp_maybe (repType arg_ty) of
Just (cc,[]) -> cc == charTyCon
_ -> False
_ -> False
-- Support String as an argument or result from a .NET FFI call.
isFFIDotnetObjTy ty =
(_, t_ty) = tcSplitForAllTys ty
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