Commit 44315e13 authored by CJ van den Berg's avatar CJ van den Berg Committed by Ian Lynagh
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For very short linker scripts dlopen may return 'file too short' instead

of 'invalid ELF header'.
parent a8c51c33
......@@ -1186,7 +1186,7 @@ initLinker( void )
# endif /* RTLD_DEFAULT */
compileResult = regcomp(&re_invalid,
"(([^ \t()])+\\.so([^ \t:()])*):([ \t])*invalid ELF header",
"(([^ \t()])+\\.so([^ \t:()])*):([ \t])*(invalid ELF header|file too short)",
ASSERT( compileResult == 0 );
compileResult = regcomp(&re_realso,
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