Commit 45b5e0b7 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

fix types in generated C for comparison MachOps

C comparisons have type 'int', but our generated code assumed they had
type 'StgWord', leading to (very) occasional warnings from gcc.
parent 83568675
......@@ -356,6 +356,20 @@ pprMachOpApp op args
isMulMayOfloOp _ = False
pprMachOpApp mop args
| Just ty <- machOpNeedsCast mop
= ty <> parens (pprMachOpApp' mop args)
| otherwise
= pprMachOpApp' mop args
-- Comparisons in C have type 'int', but we want type W_ (this is what
-- resultRepOfMachOp says). The other C operations inherit their type
-- from their operands, so no casting is required.
machOpNeedsCast :: MachOp -> Maybe SDoc
machOpNeedsCast mop
| isComparisonMachOp mop = Just mkW_
| otherwise = Nothing
pprMachOpApp' mop args
= case args of
-- dyadic
[x,y] -> pprArg x <+> pprMachOp_for_C mop <+> pprArg y
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