Commit 4630ac74 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Create .hi-boot and .o-boot files in --make mode; fixes trac #1322

We were recompiling the .hs-boot files each time, as we were never
writing out the compilation results.
parent ee40dd6b
......@@ -156,7 +156,9 @@ compile hsc_env mod_summary maybe_old_linkable old_iface mod_index nmods = do
return (CompOK details iface maybe_old_linkable)
handleBatch (HscRecomp hasStub, iface, details)
| isHsBoot src_flavour
= return (CompOK details iface Nothing)
= do SysTools.touch dflags' "Touching object file"
return (CompOK details iface Nothing)
| otherwise
= do stub_unlinked <- getStubLinkable hasStub
(hs_unlinked, unlinked_time) <-
......@@ -1433,8 +1435,6 @@ hscNextPhase dflags other hsc_lang =
hscMaybeAdjustTarget :: DynFlags -> Phase -> HscSource -> HscTarget -> HscTarget
hscMaybeAdjustTarget dflags stop HsBootFile current_hsc_lang
= HscNothing -- No output (other than Foo.hi-boot) for hs-boot files
hscMaybeAdjustTarget dflags stop other current_hsc_lang
= hsc_lang
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