Commit 49f83a0d authored by Adam Sandberg Eriksson's avatar Adam Sandberg Eriksson 🐈 Committed by Marge Bot

improve docs for HeaderInfo.getImports

[skip ci]
parent 923a1272
......@@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ getImports :: DynFlags
([(Maybe FastString, Located ModuleName)],
[(Maybe FastString, Located ModuleName)],
Located ModuleName))
-- ^ The source imports, normal imports, and the module name.
-- ^ The source imports and normal imports (with optional package
-- names from -XPackageImports), and the module name.
getImports dflags buf filename source_filename = do
let loc = mkRealSrcLoc (mkFastString filename) 1 1
case unP parseHeader (mkPState dflags buf loc) of
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