Commit 4dfe2a24 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Enable shortcutting of stack squeezing

Not sure why it was disabled, probably by accident.
parent 05dad812
......@@ -4690,8 +4690,8 @@ end:
// Should we squeeze or not? Arbitrary heuristic: we squeeze if
// the number of words we have to shift down is less than the
// number of stack words we squeeze away by doing so.
if (1 /*RtsFlags.GcFlags.squeezeUpdFrames == rtsTrue &&
weight < words_to_squeeze*/) {
if (RtsFlags.GcFlags.squeezeUpdFrames == rtsTrue &&
weight < words_to_squeeze) {
stackSqueeze(tso, (StgPtr)frame);
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