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Typos in comments [skip ci]

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......@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ mkDataConWorkId wkr_name data_con
-- the simplifier thinks that y is "sure to be evaluated" (because
-- $wMkT is strict) and drops the case. No, $wMkT is not strict.
-- When the simplifer sees a pattern
-- When the simplifier sees a pattern
-- case e of MkT x -> ...
-- it uses the dataConRepStrictness of MkT to mark x as evaluated;
-- but that's fine... dataConRepStrictness comes from the data con
......@@ -891,7 +891,7 @@ checkCaseAlts :: CoreExpr -> OutType -> [CoreAlt] -> LintM ()
-- b2) Check that the others are in increasing order
-- c) Check that there's a default for infinite types
-- NB: Algebraic cases are not necessarily exhaustive, because
-- the simplifer correctly eliminates case that can't
-- the simplifier correctly eliminates case that can't
-- possibly match.
checkCaseAlts e ty alts =
......@@ -958,7 +958,7 @@ reOrderNodes depth bndr_set weak_fvs (node : nodes) binds
| otherwise = 0
-- Checking for a constructor application
-- Cheap and cheerful; the simplifer moves casts out of the way
-- Cheap and cheerful; the simplifier moves casts out of the way
-- The lambda case is important to spot x = /\a. C (f a)
-- which comes up when C is a dictionary constructor and
-- f is a default method.
......@@ -2320,7 +2320,7 @@ knownCon env scrut dc dc_ty_args dc_args bndr bs rhs cont
missingAlt :: SimplEnv -> Id -> [InAlt] -> SimplCont -> SimplM (SimplEnv, OutExpr)
-- This isn't strictly an error, although it is unusual.
-- It's possible that the simplifer might "see" that
-- It's possible that the simplifier might "see" that
-- an inner case has no accessible alternatives before
-- it "sees" that the entire branch of an outer case is
-- inaccessible. So we simply put an error case here instead.
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ Seems quite reasonable. Similar things could be done with instance decls:
Ho hum. Things are complex enough without this. I pass.
Requirements for the simplifer
Requirements for the simplifier
The simplifier has to be able to take advantage of the specialisation.
......@@ -1356,7 +1356,7 @@ crash. So we use Refl right off the bat, and do not forall-quantify 'g':
* exprsFreeIdsList returns the Ids bound by the args,
which won't include g
You might wonder if this will match as often, but the simplifer replaces
You might wonder if this will match as often, but the simplifier replaces
complicated Refl coercions with Refl pretty aggressively.
Note [Orphans and auto-generated rules]
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
Stephanie Weirich, Richard Eisenberg, and Dimitrios Vytiniotis, 2016. -}
-- NB: it includes a negative-recursive function (see delta1), and
-- so will give "simplifer ticks exhausted", at least with -O
-- so will give "simplifier ticks exhausted", at least with -O
{-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes, PolyKinds, TypeOperators,
ScopedTypeVariables, GADTs, FlexibleInstances,
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