Commit 50f5c849 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang

Implement dead basic block elimination.

Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang's avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 659f1474
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
module CmmOpt (
......@@ -30,10 +31,70 @@ import UniqFM
import Unique
import FastTypes
import Outputable
import BlockId
import Data.Bits
import Data.Word
import Data.Int
import Data.Maybe
import Compiler.Hoopl hiding (Unique)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Eliminates dead blocks
We repeatedly expand the set of reachable blocks until we hit a
fixpoint, and then prune any blocks that were not in this set. This is
actually a required optimization, as dead blocks can cause problems
for invariants in the linear register allocator (and possibly other
-- Deep fold over statements could probably be abstracted out, but it
-- might not be worth the effort since OldCmm is moribund
cmmEliminateDeadBlocks :: [CmmBasicBlock] -> [CmmBasicBlock]
cmmEliminateDeadBlocks [] = []
cmmEliminateDeadBlocks blocks@(BasicBlock base_id _:_) =
let -- Calculate what's reachable from what block
-- We have to do a deep fold into CmmExpr because
-- there may be a BlockId in the CmmBlock literal.
reachableMap = foldl f emptyBlockMap blocks
where f m (BasicBlock block_id stmts) = mapInsert block_id (reachableFrom stmts) m
reachableFrom stmts = foldl stmt emptyBlockSet stmts
stmt m CmmNop = m
stmt m (CmmComment _) = m
stmt m (CmmAssign _ e) = expr m e
stmt m (CmmStore e1 e2) = expr (expr m e1) e2
stmt m (CmmCall c _ as _ _) = f (actuals m as) c
where f m (CmmCallee e _) = expr m e
f m (CmmPrim _) = m
stmt m (CmmBranch b) = setInsert b m
stmt m (CmmCondBranch e b) = setInsert b (expr m e)
stmt m (CmmSwitch e bs) = foldl (flip setInsert) (expr m e) (catMaybes bs)
stmt m (CmmJump e as) = expr (actuals m as) e
stmt m (CmmReturn as) = actuals m as
actuals m as = foldl (\m h -> expr m (hintlessCmm h)) m as
expr m (CmmLit l) = lit m l
expr m (CmmLoad e _) = expr m e
expr m (CmmReg _) = m
expr m (CmmMachOp _ es) = foldl expr m es
expr m (CmmStackSlot _ _) = m
expr m (CmmRegOff _ _) = m
lit m (CmmBlock b) = setInsert b m
lit m _ = m
-- Expand reachable set until you hit fixpoint
initReachable = setSingleton base_id :: BlockSet
expandReachable old_set new_set =
if setSize new_set > setSize old_set
then expandReachable new_set $ setFold
(\x s -> maybe setEmpty id (mapLookup x reachableMap) `setUnion` s)
(setDifference new_set old_set)
else new_set -- fixpoint achieved
reachable = expandReachable setEmpty initReachable
in filter (\(BasicBlock block_id _) -> setMember block_id reachable) blocks
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- The mini-inliner
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ import NCGMonad
import BlockId
import CgUtils ( fixStgRegisters )
import OldCmm
import CmmOpt ( cmmMiniInline, cmmMachOpFold )
import CmmOpt ( cmmEliminateDeadBlocks, cmmMiniInline, cmmMachOpFold )
import OldPprCmm
import CLabel
......@@ -729,10 +729,9 @@ Here we do:
and position independent refs
(ii) compile a list of imported symbols
Ideas for other things we could do (ToDo):
Ideas for other things we could do:
- shortcut jumps-to-jumps
- eliminate dead code blocks
- simple CSE: if an expr is assigned to a temp, then replace later occs of
that expr with the temp, until the expr is no longer valid (can push through
temp assignments, and certain assigns to mem...)
......@@ -741,7 +740,7 @@ Ideas for other things we could do (ToDo):
cmmToCmm :: DynFlags -> RawCmmTop -> (RawCmmTop, [CLabel])
cmmToCmm _ top@(CmmData _ _) = (top, [])
cmmToCmm dflags (CmmProc info lbl (ListGraph blocks)) = runCmmOpt dflags $ do
blocks' <- mapM cmmBlockConFold (cmmMiniInline blocks)
blocks' <- mapM cmmBlockConFold (cmmMiniInline (cmmEliminateDeadBlocks blocks))
return $ CmmProc info lbl (ListGraph blocks')
newtype CmmOptM a = CmmOptM (([CLabel], DynFlags) -> (# a, [CLabel] #))
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