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Don't worker-wrapper INLINABLE things

See Note [Don't w/w INLINABLE things] in WorkWrap

This fixes a bug that Milan found.
parent 94bf0d36
......@@ -173,6 +173,20 @@ I measured it on nofib, it didn't make much difference; just a few
percent improved allocation on one benchmark (bspt/
But nothing got worse.
Note [Don't w/w INLINABLE things]
If we have
{-# INLINABLE f #-}
f x y = ....
then in principle we might get a more efficient loop by w/w'ing f.
But that would make a new unfolding which would overwrite the old
one. So we leave INLINABLE things alone too.
This is a slight infelicity really, because it means that adding
an INLINABLE pragma could make a program a bit less efficient,
because you lose the worker/wrapper stuff. But I don't see a way
to avoid that.
Note [Wrapper activation]
When should the wrapper inlining be active? It must not be active
......@@ -260,6 +274,7 @@ tryWW is_rec fn_id rhs
checkSize :: Id -> CoreExpr
-> UniqSM [(Id,CoreExpr)] -> UniqSM [(Id,CoreExpr)]
-- See Note [Don't w/w inline things (a) and (b)]
-- and Note [Don't w/w INLINABLE things]
checkSize fn_id rhs thing_inside
| isStableUnfolding unfolding -- For DFuns and INLINE things, leave their
= return [ (fn_id, rhs) ] -- unfolding unchanged; but still attach
......@@ -271,7 +286,8 @@ checkSize fn_id rhs thing_inside
| otherwise = thing_inside
unfolding = idUnfolding fn_id
unfolding = realIdUnfolding fn_id -- We want to see the unfolding
-- for loop breakers!
inline_rule = mkInlineUnfolding Nothing rhs
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