Commit 522a1552 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Comments, and unused import

parent fd3bd417
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ import Name
import Module
import Outputable
import UniqFM
import VarSet
import FastString
import Util
import Maybes
......@@ -508,16 +508,17 @@ We do quite often need to get a TcCoercion from an EvTerm; see
INVARIANT: The evidence for any constraint with type (t1~t2) is
a coercion evidence term. Consider for example
[G] g :: F Int a
[G] d :: F Int a
If we have
ax7 a :: F Int a ~ (a ~ Bool)
then we do NOT generate the constraint
[G} (g |> ax7 a) :: a ~ Bool
because that does not satisfy the invariant. Instead we make a binding
[G} (d |> ax7 a) :: a ~ Bool
because that does not satisfy the invariant (d is not a coercion variable).
Instead we make a binding
g1 :: a~Bool = g |> ax7 a
and the constraint
[G] g1 :: a~Bool
See Trac [7238]
See Trac [7238] and Note [Bind new Givens immediately] in TcSMonad
Note [EvBinds/EvTerm]
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