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[project @ 2005-04-15 07:13:08 by simonpj]

Update comments on hslibs to make it clear that that they are (a) deprecated,
and (b) not required for building GHC.

	Merge to STABLE
parent eab7055a
......@@ -407,12 +407,12 @@ setsockopt IPTOS_THROUGHPUT: Invalid argument</screen>
result in checking out the entire repository instead of just
the <literal>fpconfig</literal> bit.</para>
<screen>$ cd <replaceable>directory</replaceable>
$ cvs checkout ghc hslibs libraries</screen>
$ cvs checkout ghc libraries</screen>
<para>The second command here checks out the relevant
modules you want to work on. For a GHC build, for instance,
you need at least the <literal>ghc</literal>,
<literal>hslibs</literal> and <literal>libraries</literal>
and <literal>libraries</literal>
modules (for a full list of the projects available, see
<xref linkend="projects"/>).</para>
......@@ -605,7 +605,7 @@ $ lndir <replaceable>source-tree</replaceable></screen>
<screen>$ cvs co -r ghc-4-06 fpconfig
$ cd fptools
$ cvs co -r ghc-4-06 ghc hslibs</screen>
$ cvs co -r ghc-4-06 ghc libraries</screen>
<sect2 id="cvs-hints">
......@@ -793,8 +793,7 @@ $ cvs checkout nofib/spectral</screen>
<para>Supplemental libraries for GHC
(<emphasis>required</emphasis> for building GHC).</para>
<para>Old, now deprecated, libraries. Everything in here is in <literal>libraries</literal>.
......@@ -843,8 +842,8 @@ $ cvs checkout nofib/spectral</screen>
<para>So, to build GHC you need at least the
<literal>ghc</literal>, <literal>libraries</literal> and
<literal>hslibs</literal> projects (a GHC source distribution will
<literal>ghc</literal> and <literal>libraries</literal>
projects (a GHC source distribution will
already include the bits you need).</para>
......@@ -3618,7 +3617,7 @@ $ make install</screen>
corresponding Haskell source (<filename>.hs</filename> or
<filename>.lhs</filename>) in the compiler subdirectory
<filename>ghc/compiler</filename> and in the libraries
(subdirectories of <filename>hslibs</filename> and
(subdirectories of
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