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Adjust error message slightly

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......@@ -1610,10 +1610,10 @@ misMatchMsg env0 (ty_act, ty_exp)
open_tcs = [tc | TyConApp tc _ <- [ty_act, ty_exp]
, isOpenTyCon tc ]
pp_open_tc tc = ptext (sLit "NB:") <+> quotes (ppr tc)
<+> pp_inj <+> ptext (sLit "type function")
pp_inj | isInjectiveTyCon tc = ptext (sLit "is an (injective)")
| otherwise = ptext (sLit "is a (non-injective)")
<+> ptext (sLit "is a type function") <> pp_inj
pp_inj | isInjectiveTyCon tc = empty
| otherwise = ptext (sLit (", and may not be injective"))
ppr_ty :: TidyEnv -> TcType -> (TidyEnv, SDoc, SDoc)
ppr_ty env ty
......@@ -1639,7 +1639,7 @@ It's very confusing to get a message like
Couldn't match expected type `Depend s'
against inferred type `Depend s1'
so pp_open_tc adds:
NB: `Depend' is a (non-injective) type function
NB: `Depend' is type function, and hence may not be injective
Currently we add this independently for each argument, so we also get
Couldn't match expected type `a'
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