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Update documentation for ghc-pkg list and ghc-pkg latest.
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......@@ -371,11 +371,12 @@ exposed-modules: Network.BSD,
<para>The <literal>ghc-pkg</literal> program may be run in the ways listed
below. Where a package name is required, the package can be named in
full including the version number
(e.g. <literal>network-1.0</literal>), or without the version number if
there is only a single version of that package installed. Additionally,
the version may be given as <literal>*</literal>, which means &ldquo;all
versions&rdquo;. For example, <literal>ghc-pkg hide network-*</literal>
would hide all versions of the network package.</para>
(e.g. <literal>network-1.0</literal>), or without the version number.
Naming a package without the version number matches all versions of the
package; the specified action will be applied to all the matching
packages. A package specifier that matches all version of the package
can also be written <replaceable>pkg</replaceable><literal>-*</literal>,
to make it clearer that multiple packages are being matched.</para>
......@@ -426,7 +427,7 @@ exposed-modules: Network.BSD,
<term><literal>ghc-pkg list</literal></term>
<term><literal>ghc-pkg list [<replaceable>P</replaceable>] [<option>--simple-output</option>]</literal></term>
<para>This option displays the currently installed
packages, for each of the databases known to
......@@ -438,6 +439,24 @@ exposed-modules: Network.BSD,
<para>Hidden packages (those for which the <literal>exposed</literal>
flag is <literal>False</literal>) are shown in parentheses in the
list of packages.</para>
<para>If an optional package identifier <replaceable>P</replaceable>
is given, then only packages matching that identifier are
<para>If the option <option>--simple-output</option> is given, then
the packages are listed on a single line separated by spaces, and
the database names are not included. This is intended to make it
easier to parse the output of <literal>ghc-pkg list</literal> using
a script.</para>
<term><literal>ghc-pkg latest <replaceable>P</replaceable></literal></term>
<para>Prints the latest available version of package
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