Commit 5ceeab2d authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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change topHandlerFastExit to topHandler, so the terminal state gets restored (#2228)

parent b47555c3
......@@ -454,12 +454,8 @@ runGHCi paths maybe_exprs = do
-- current progname in the exception text:
-- <progname>: <exception>
io $ withProgName (progname st)
-- The "fast exit" part just calls exit()
-- directly instead of doing an orderly
-- runtime shutdown, otherwise the main
-- GHCi thread will complain about being
-- interrupted.
$ topHandlerFastExit e
-- this used to be topHandlerFastExit, see #2228
$ topHandler e
runCommands' handle (return Nothing)
-- and finally, exit
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