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Don't talk about nfib from the user guide now that we no longer ship it

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......@@ -193,14 +193,6 @@ Hello, world!</screen>
Some simple-but-profitable tests are to compile and run the notorious
<literal>nfib</literal><indexterm><primary>nfib</primary></indexterm> program, using different numeric types. Start with
<literal>nfib :: Int -&gt; Int</literal>, and then try <literal>Integer</literal>, <literal>Float</literal>, <literal>Double</literal>,
<literal>Rational</literal> and perhaps the overloaded version. Code for this is
distributed in <literal>ghc/misc/examples/nfib/</literal> in a source distribution.
<para>For more information on how to &ldquo;drive&rdquo; GHC, read
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