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delete some no-longer-relevant notes

parent 01903ebf
......@@ -81,10 +81,6 @@ Things to do:
Old.Cmm. We should abstract it to work on both representations, it needs only to
convert a CmmInfoTable to [CmmStatic].
- The MkGraph currenty uses a different semantics for <*> than Hoopl. Maybe
we could convert codeGen/StgCmm* clients to the Hoopl's semantics?
It's all deeply unsatisfactory.
- Improve performance of Hoopl.
A nofib comparison of -fasm vs -fnewcodegen nofib compilation parameters
......@@ -101,18 +97,12 @@ Things to do:
When compiling nofib, ghc-head + libraries compiled with -fnew-codegen
is 31.4% slower (
So we generate a bit better code, but it takes us longer!
EZY: Also importantly, Hoopl uses dramatically more memory than the
old code generator.
- Are all blockToNodeList and blockOfNodeList really needed? Maybe we could
splice blocks instead?
In the CmmContFlowOpt.blockConcat, using Dataflow seems too clumsy. Still,
a block catenation function would be probably nicer than blockToNodeList
/ blockOfNodeList combo.
- lowerSafeForeignCall seems too lowlevel. Just use Dataflow. After that
delete splitEntrySeq from HooplUtils.
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