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information simultaneously.</para> information simultaneously.</para>
</sect2> </sect2>
<sect2 id="mem-residency">
<title>Actual memory residency</title>
<para>How does the heap residency reported by the heap profiler relate to
the actual memory residency of your program when you run it? You might
see a large discrepancy between the residency reported by the heap
profiler, and the residency reported by tools on your system
(eg. <literal>ps</literal> or <literal>top</literal> on Unix, or the
Task Manager on Windows). There are several reasons for this:</para>
<para>There is an overhead of profiling itself, which is subtracted
from the residency figures by the profiler. This overhead goes
away when compiling without profiling support, of course. The
space overhead is currently 2 extra
words per heap object, which probably results in
about a 30% overhead.</para>
<para>Garbage collection requires more memory than the actual
residency. The factor depends on the kind of garbage collection
algorithm in use: a major GC in the standard
generation copying collector will usually require 3L bytes of
memory, where L is the amount of live data. This is because by
default (see the <option>+RTS -F</option> option) we allow the old
generation to grow to twice its size (2L) before collecting it, and
we require additionally L bytes to copy the live data into. When
using compacting collection (see the <option>+RTS -c</option>
option), this is reduced to 2L, and can further be reduced by
tweaking the <option>-F</option> option. Also add the size of the
allocation area (currently a fixed 512Kb).</para>
<para>The stack isn't counted in the heap profile by default. See the
<option>+RTS -xt</option> option.</para>
<para>The program text itself, the C stack, any non-heap data (eg. data
allocated by foreign libraries, and data allocated by the RTS), and
<literal>mmap()</literal>'d memory are not counted in the heap profile.</para>
</sect1> </sect1>
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