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Add Note [FamInstEnv determinism]

I'm just turning previous commit message into a Note

GHC Trac: #4012
parent 34085b50
......@@ -359,10 +359,23 @@ Then we get a data type for each instance, and an axiom:
These two axioms for T, one with one pattern, one with two;
see Note [Eta reduction for data families]
Note [FamInstEnv determinism]
We turn FamInstEnvs into a list in some places that don't directly affect
the ABI. That happens in family consistency checks and when producing output
for `:info`. Unfortunately that nondeterminism is nonlocal and it's hard
to tell what it affects without following a chain of functions. It's also
easy to accidentally make that nondeterminism affect the ABI. Furthermore
the envs should be relatively small, so it should be free to use deterministic
maps here. Testing with nofib and validate detected no difference between
UniqFM and UniqDFM.
See Note [Deterministic UniqFM].
type FamInstEnv = UniqDFM FamilyInstEnv -- Maps a family to its instances
-- See Note [FamInstEnv]
-- See Note [FamInstEnv determinism]
type FamInstEnvs = (FamInstEnv, FamInstEnv)
-- External package inst-env, Home-package inst-env
......@@ -385,6 +398,7 @@ emptyFamInstEnv = emptyUDFM
famInstEnvElts :: FamInstEnv -> [FamInst]
famInstEnvElts fi = [elt | FamIE elts <- eltsUDFM fi, elt <- elts]
-- See Note [FamInstEnv determinism]
familyInstances :: (FamInstEnv, FamInstEnv) -> TyCon -> [FamInst]
familyInstances (pkg_fie, home_fie) fam
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