Commit 69cda9ef authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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maybeInvertComparison: remove floating-point comparisons

See comments.
parent babe3c60
......@@ -274,12 +274,6 @@ maybeInvertComparison op
MO_S_Gt r -> Just (MO_S_Le r)
MO_S_Le r -> Just (MO_S_Gt r)
MO_S_Ge r -> Just (MO_S_Lt r)
MO_F_Eq r -> Just (MO_F_Ne r)
MO_F_Ne r -> Just (MO_F_Eq r)
MO_F_Ge r -> Just (MO_F_Le r)
MO_F_Le r -> Just (MO_F_Ge r)
MO_F_Gt r -> Just (MO_F_Lt r)
MO_F_Lt r -> Just (MO_F_Gt r)
_other -> Nothing
-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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