Commit 6d48ce29 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Make tidyProgram discard speculative specialisation rules

The new function TidyPgm.trimAutoRules discards bindings and
rules that were useful, but now have served their purpose.

See Note [Trimming auto rules] in TidyPgm
parent fa582cc4
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ module CoreFVs (
idUnfoldingVars, idFreeVars, idRuleAndUnfoldingVars,
idRuleVars, idRuleRhsVars, stableUnfoldingVars,
ruleRhsFreeVars, rulesFreeVars,
ruleRhsFreeVars, ruleFreeVars, rulesFreeVars,
ruleLhsOrphNames, ruleLhsFreeIds,
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ module CoreSyn (
-- ** Operations on 'CoreRule's
seqRules, ruleArity, ruleName, ruleIdName, ruleActivation,
isBuiltinRule, isLocalRule,
isBuiltinRule, isLocalRule, isAutoRule,
-- * Core vectorisation declarations data type
......@@ -599,6 +599,10 @@ isBuiltinRule :: CoreRule -> Bool
isBuiltinRule (BuiltinRule {}) = True
isBuiltinRule _ = False
isAutoRule :: CoreRule -> Bool
isAutoRule (BuiltinRule {}) = False
isAutoRule (Rule { ru_auto = is_auto }) = is_auto
-- | The number of arguments the 'ru_fn' must be applied
-- to before the rule can match on it
ruleArity :: CoreRule -> Int
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ import qualified ErrUtils as Err
import Control.Monad
import Data.Function
import Data.List ( sortBy )
import Data.List ( sortBy, partition )
import Data.IORef ( atomicModifyIORef )
......@@ -335,8 +335,10 @@ tidyProgram hsc_env (ModGuts { mg_module = mod
-- Then pick just the ones we need to expose
-- See Note [Which rules to expose]
; let { (trimmed_binds, trimmed_rules) = trimAutoRules binds ext_rules }
; (tidy_env, tidy_binds)
<- tidyTopBinds hsc_env mod unfold_env tidy_occ_env binds
<- tidyTopBinds hsc_env mod unfold_env tidy_occ_env trimmed_binds
; let { final_ids = [ id | id <- bindersOfBinds tidy_binds,
isExternalName (idName id)]
......@@ -348,7 +350,7 @@ tidyProgram hsc_env (ModGuts { mg_module = mod
-- it was born, but we want Global, IdInfo-rich (or not) DFunId in the
-- tidy_insts. Similarly the Ids inside a PatSyn.
; tidy_rules = tidyRules tidy_env ext_rules
; tidy_rules = tidyRules tidy_env trimmed_rules
-- You might worry that the tidy_env contains IdInfo-rich stuff
-- and indeed it does, but if omit_prags is on, ext_rules is
-- empty
......@@ -415,14 +417,79 @@ tidyProgram hsc_env (ModGuts { mg_module = mod
md_anns = anns -- are already tidy
lookup_dfun :: TypeEnv -> Var -> Id
lookup_dfun type_env dfun_id
= case lookupTypeEnv type_env (idName dfun_id) of
Just (AnId dfun_id') -> dfun_id'
_other -> pprPanic "lookup_dfun" (ppr dfun_id)
lookup_aux_id :: TypeEnv -> Var -> Id
lookup_aux_id type_env id
= case lookupTypeEnv type_env (idName id) of
Just (AnId id') -> id'
_other -> pprPanic "lookup_axu_id" (ppr id)
Note [Trimming auto rules]
With auto-specialisation we may specialise local or imported dfuns or
INLINE functions, and then later inline them. That may leave behind
something like
RULE "foo" forall d. f @ Int d = f_spec
where there is no remaining reference to f_spec except from the RULE.
Now that RULE *might* be useful to an importing module, but that is
purely speculative, and meanwhile the code is taking up space and
codegen time. So is seeems better to drop the bidign for f_spec if
the auto-generated rule is the only reason that it is being kept
Notice, though, that the RULE still might have been useful; that is,
it was the right thing to have generated it in the first place. See
Note [Inline specialisations] in Specialise. But now it has served
its purpose, and can be discarded.
So trimAutoRules does this:
* Remove all bindings that are kept alive *only* by isAutoRule rules
* Remove all auto rules that mention bindings that have been removed
So if a binding is kept alive for some other reason (e.g. f_spec is
called in the final code), we keep th e rule too.
I found that binary sizes jumped by 6-10% when I started to specialise
INLINE functions (again, Note [Inline specialisations] in Specialise).
Adding trimAutoRules removed all this bloat.
trimAutoRules :: [CoreBind] -> [CoreRule] -> ([CoreBind], [CoreRule])
-- See Note [Trimming auto rules]
trimAutoRules binds rules
| null auto_rules
= (binds, rules)
| otherwise
= (binds', filter keep_rule auto_rules ++ user_rules)
(auto_rules, user_rules) = partition isAutoRule rules
rule_fvs = foldr (unionVarSet . ruleRhsFreeVars) emptyVarSet user_rules
(all_fvs, binds') = trim_binds binds
trim_binds :: [CoreBind] -> (VarSet, [CoreBind])
trim_binds []
= (rule_fvs, [])
trim_binds (bind:binds)
| keep_bind = (fvs `unionVarSet` bind_fvs, bind:binds')
| otherwise = (fvs, binds')
needed bndr = isExportedId bndr || bndr `elemVarSet` fvs
keep_bind = any needed (bindersOf bind)
(fvs, binds') = trim_binds binds
bind_fvs = bindFreeVars bind
keep_rule rule = ruleFreeVars rule `subVarSet` all_fvs
tidyTypeEnv :: Bool -- Compiling without -O, so omit prags
-> TypeEnv -> TypeEnv
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