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[project @ 1999-05-04 08:40:07 by sof]

a rule or two for building DLLs
parent 2b10ee01
......@@ -345,6 +345,22 @@ $(LIBRARY) :: $(LIBOBJS)
# Building Win32 DLLs
ifeq "$(way)" "dll"
ifeq "$(DLL_NAME)" ""
DLL_NAME = $(patsubst %.a, %.dll, $(subst lib,,$(LIBRARY)))
all :: $(DLL_NAME)
$(BLD_DLL) --output-lib $(patsubst %.a, %_imp.a, $(LIBRARY)) --output-def $(patsubst %.dll,%.def,$(DLL_NAME)) -o $(DLL_NAME) $(LIBRARY) $(BLD_DLL_OPTS)
touch dLL_ifs.hi
# Script programs
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