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Reject programs with equality superclasses for now

parent d8cb9db5
......@@ -1135,10 +1135,12 @@ check_pred_ty dflags ctxt pred@(ClassP cls tys)
how_to_allow = parens (ptext (sLit "Use -XFlexibleContexts to permit this"))
check_pred_ty dflags _ pred@(EqPred ty1 ty2)
check_pred_ty dflags ctxt pred@(EqPred ty1 ty2)
= do { -- Equational constraints are valid in all contexts if type
-- families are permitted
; checkTc (xopt Opt_TypeFamilies dflags) (eqPredTyErr pred)
; checkTc (case ctxt of ClassSCCtxt {} -> False; _ -> True)
(eqSuperClassErr pred)
-- Check the form of the argument types
; checkValidMonoType ty1
......@@ -1295,11 +1297,16 @@ checkThetaCtxt ctxt theta
= vcat [ptext (sLit "In the context:") <+> pprTheta theta,
ptext (sLit "While checking") <+> pprSourceTyCtxt ctxt ]
eqSuperClassErr :: PredType -> SDoc
eqSuperClassErr pred
= hang (ptext (sLit "Alas, GHC 7.0 still cannot handle equality superclasses:"))
2 (ppr pred)
badPredTyErr, eqPredTyErr, predTyVarErr :: PredType -> SDoc
badPredTyErr sty = ptext (sLit "Illegal constraint") <+> pprPred sty
eqPredTyErr sty = ptext (sLit "Illegal equational constraint") <+> pprPred sty
parens (ptext (sLit "Use -XTypeFamilies to permit this"))
badPredTyErr pred = ptext (sLit "Illegal constraint") <+> pprPred pred
eqPredTyErr pred = ptext (sLit "Illegal equational constraint") <+> pprPred pred
parens (ptext (sLit "Use -XTypeFamilies to permit this"))
predTyVarErr pred = sep [ptext (sLit "Non type-variable argument"),
nest 2 (ptext (sLit "in the constraint:") <+> pprPred pred)]
dupPredWarn :: [[PredType]] -> SDoc
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