Commit 72475c82 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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FIX #1424: x86_64 NCG generated wrong code for foreign call with >8 double args

I guess we have a missing test... I'll add one
parent 61af839f
......@@ -3361,9 +3361,9 @@ genCCall target dest_regs args vols = do
(arg_reg, arg_code) <- getSomeReg arg
delta <- getDeltaNat
setDeltaNat (delta-arg_size)
let code' = code `appOL` toOL [
MOV arg_rep (OpReg arg_reg) (OpAddr (spRel 0)),
let code' = code `appOL` arg_code `appOL` toOL [
SUB wordRep (OpImm (ImmInt arg_size)) (OpReg rsp) ,
MOV arg_rep (OpReg arg_reg) (OpAddr (spRel 0)),
DELTA (delta-arg_size)]
push_args rest code'
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