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Wibbles to instance validity checking

parent 8a0c6ed4
......@@ -927,12 +927,13 @@ check_source_ty dflags ctxt sty = failWithTc (badSourceTyErr sty)
check_class_pred_tys dflags ctxt tys
= case ctxt of
TypeCtxt -> True -- {-# SPECIALISE instance Eq (T Int) #-} is fine
InstThetaCtxt -> gla_exts || all tcIsTyVarTy tys
InstThetaCtxt -> gla_exts || undecidable_ok || all tcIsTyVarTy tys
-- Further checks on head and theta in
-- checkInstTermination
other -> gla_exts || all tyvar_head tys
gla_exts = dopt Opt_GlasgowExts dflags
gla_exts = dopt Opt_GlasgowExts dflags
undecidable_ok = dopt Opt_AllowUndecidableInstances dflags
tyvar_head ty -- Haskell 98 allows predicates of form
......@@ -1025,7 +1026,7 @@ checkThetaCtxt ctxt theta
ptext SLIT("While checking") <+> pprSourceTyCtxt ctxt ]
badSourceTyErr sty = ptext SLIT("Illegal constraint") <+> pprPred sty
predTyVarErr pred = sep [ptext SLIT("Non-type variable argument"),
predTyVarErr pred = sep [ptext SLIT("Non type-variable argument"),
nest 2 (ptext SLIT("in the constraint:") <+> pprPred pred)]
dupPredWarn dups = ptext SLIT("Duplicate constraint(s):") <+> pprWithCommas pprPred (map head dups)
......@@ -1121,14 +1122,14 @@ checkValidInstance tyvars theta clas inst_tys
-- Check that instance inference will terminate (if we care)
-- For Haskell 98, checkValidTheta has already done that
; when (gla_exts && not undecidable_ok) $
checkInstTermination theta inst_tys
checkInstTermination theta inst_tys
-- The Coverage Condition
; checkTc (undecidable_ok || checkInstCoverage clas inst_tys)
(instTypeErr (pprClassPred clas inst_tys) msg)
msg = parens (ptext SLIT("the instance types do not agree with the functional dependencies of the class"))
msg = parens (ptext SLIT("the Coverage Condition fails for one of the functional dependencies"))
Termination test: each assertion in the context satisfies
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