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Not adding ticks to compiler generated derived code.

parent ef0ef4cc
......@@ -25,6 +25,8 @@ import FastString
import HscTypes
import StaticFlags
import UniqFM
import Type
import TyCon
import Data.Array
import System.Time (ClockTime(..))
......@@ -125,10 +127,11 @@ addTickLHsBinds :: LHsBinds Id -> TM (LHsBinds Id)
addTickLHsBinds binds = mapBagM addTickLHsBind binds
addTickLHsBind :: LHsBind Id -> TM (LHsBind Id)
addTickLHsBind (L pos (AbsBinds abs_tvs abs_dicts abs_exports abs_binds)) = do
addTickLHsBind bind | isDerivedLHsBind bind = do
return bind
addTickLHsBind (L pos t@(AbsBinds abs_tvs abs_dicts abs_exports abs_binds)) = do
abs_binds' <- addTickLHsBinds abs_binds
return $ L pos $ AbsBinds abs_tvs abs_dicts abs_exports abs_binds'
addTickLHsBind (L pos (funBind@(FunBind { fun_id = (L _ id) }))) = do
let name = getOccString id
decl_path <- getPathEntry
......@@ -177,6 +180,23 @@ addTickLHsBind (VarBind var_id var_rhs) = do
addTickLHsBind other = return other
-- This attempts to locate derived code, so as to not add ticks
-- to compiler generated code. An alternative is to tie *all* the
-- method functions to the deriving class name in the deriving list.
-- This fuction works because we use the location of the datatype
-- we are building the instance for as the location of derived code.
isDerivedLHsBind :: LHsBind Id -> Bool
isDerivedLHsBind (L pos t@(AbsBinds _ _ [(_,the_id,_,_)] _)) =
case splitTyConApp_maybe (varType the_id) of
Just (tyCon,[ty]) | isClassTyCon tyCon ->
case splitTyConApp_maybe ty of
Just (tyCon',_) -> getSrcSpan (tyConName tyCon') == getSrcSpan the_id
_ -> False
_ -> False
isDerivedLHsBind _ = False
-- Add a tick to the expression no matter what it is. There is one exception:
-- for the debugger, if the expression is a 'let', then we don't want to add
-- a tick here because there will definititely be a tick on the body anyway.
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