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Remove type-ambiguous (fromIntegral 0)::Int, replacing it with just 0

This unnecessary ambiguity has been there for ages, and is now rejected
by -Werror, after fixing #3261
parent 62070c7f
......@@ -385,7 +385,7 @@ mkBits findLabel st proto_insns
literal st (MachLabel fs _ _) = litlabel st fs
literal st (MachWord w) = int st (fromIntegral w)
literal st (MachInt j) = int st (fromIntegral j)
literal st MachNullAddr = int st (fromIntegral 0)
literal st MachNullAddr = int st 0
literal st (MachFloat r) = float st (fromRational r)
literal st (MachDouble r) = double st (fromRational r)
literal st (MachChar c) = int st (ord c)
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