Commit 80a53aa2 authored by Austin Seipp's avatar Austin Seipp

More release note fixes.

This is what I get for being so hasty for release notes.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>
parent f342512d
...@@ -184,12 +184,6 @@ ...@@ -184,12 +184,6 @@
<literal>-jN</literal> in order to compile <literal>-jN</literal> in order to compile
<replaceable>N</replaceable> modules in parallel. <replaceable>N</replaceable> modules in parallel.
</para> </para>
Note that if you wish for GHC to use multiple cores,
you will need to use the <literal>+RTS -N</literal>
</listitem> </listitem>
</itemizedlist> </itemizedlist>
</sect2> </sect2>
...@@ -2985,7 +2985,7 @@ ...@@ -2985,7 +2985,7 @@
<tbody> <tbody>
<row> <row>
<entry><option>-j <replaceable>N</replaceable></option></entry> <entry><option>-j <replaceable>N</replaceable></option></entry>
<entry>When compiling with <literal>--make</literal>, compile <replaceable>N</replaceable></entry> <entry>When compiling with <literal>--make</literal>, compile <replaceable>N</replaceable> modules in parallel.</entry>
<entry>dynamic</entry> <entry>dynamic</entry>
<entry>-</entry> <entry>-</entry>
</row> </row>
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