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[project @ 2000-10-11 10:21:10 by rrt]

Reuben puts the "pee" into "compeelation"
parent db8044a0
{-# OPTIONS -W -fno-warn-incomplete-patterns #-}
-- $Id: Main.hs,v 1.66 2000/10/11 10:17:32 rrt Exp $
-- $Id: Main.hs,v 1.67 2000/10/11 10:21:10 rrt Exp $
-- GHC Driver program
......@@ -1225,10 +1225,10 @@ getToDo flags
-- what the suffix of the intermediate files should be, etc.
-- The following compilation pipeline algorithm is fairly hacky. A
-- better way to do this would be to express the whole comilation as a
-- better way to do this would be to express the whole compilation as a
-- data flow DAG, where the nodes are the intermediate files and the
-- edges are the compilation phases. This framework would also work
-- nicely if a haskell dependency generator was included in the
-- nicely if a Haskell dependency generator were included in the
-- driver.
-- It would also deal much more cleanly with compilation phases that
......@@ -1242,7 +1242,7 @@ getToDo flags
-- the host machine. For example, when compiling two Haskell files
-- where one depends on the other, the data flow graph would determine
-- that the C compiler from the first comilation can be overlapped
-- with the hsc comilation for the second file.
-- with the hsc compilation for the second file.
data IntermediateFileType
= Temporary
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