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Spelling in comments

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......@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@ This is a vanishingly strange corner case, but we still have
to check.
We do the check in cseRhs, but it can't fire when cseRhs is called
from a let-binding, becuase they are always ok-for-speculation. Never
from a let-binding, because they are always ok-for-speculation. Never
......@@ -893,7 +893,7 @@ quantifyZonkedTyVars gbl_tvs dvs@(DV{ dv_kvs = dep_tkvs, dv_tvs = nondep_tkvs })
-- dv_tvs which will also contain k
-- No worry about dependent covars here;
-- they are all in dep_tkvs
-- No worry about scoping, becuase these are all
-- No worry about scoping, because these are all
-- type variables
-- NB kinds of tvs are zonked by zonkTyCoVarsAndFV
......@@ -895,7 +895,7 @@ arbitrary distinction based on how the variables appear:
E.g. In the type T k (a::k)
'k' is a kind variable, because it occurs in the kind of 'a',
even though it also appears at "top level" of the type
'a' is a type variable, becuase it doesn't
'a' is a type variable, because it doesn't
We gather these variables using a TcDepVars record:
DV { dv_kvs: Variables free in the kind of a free type variable
-- Reported by sjcjoosten in T10547, this was taking forever becuase of a bug in
-- Reported by sjcjoosten in T10547, this was taking forever because of a bug in
-- the implementation. See bottom of the file for some notes.
module Test where
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