Commit 848e3ceb authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Testsuite: fixes for python2.6 support

parent 2e9079ff
......@@ -1236,7 +1236,7 @@ def simple_run(name, way, prog, extra_run_opts):
def rts_flags(way):
args = config.way_rts_flags.get(way, [])
return '+RTS {} -RTS'.format(' '.join(args)) if args else ''
return '+RTS {0} -RTS'.format(' '.join(args)) if args else ''
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Run a program in the interpreter and check its output
......@@ -1898,9 +1898,9 @@ def summary(t, file, short=False):
file.write('WARNING: Testsuite run was terminated early\n')
def printUnexpectedTests(file, testInfoss):
unexpected = {name for testInfos in testInfoss
unexpected = set(name for testInfos in testInfoss
for (_, name, _, _) in testInfos
if not name.endswith('.T')}
if not name.endswith('.T'))
if unexpected:
file.write('Unexpected results from:\n')
file.write('TEST="' + ' '.join(unexpected) + '"\n')
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