Commit 8a3574d5 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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check black holes before doing GC in scheduleDoHeapProfile()

fixes #687, see comment for details.
parent dde3de8c
......@@ -1869,8 +1869,19 @@ scheduleDoHeapProfile( rtsBool ready_to_gc STG_UNUSED )
if (performHeapProfile ||
(RtsFlags.ProfFlags.profileInterval==0 &&
RtsFlags.ProfFlags.doHeapProfile && ready_to_gc)) {
// checking black holes is necessary before GC, otherwise
// there may be threads that are unreachable except by the
// blackhole queue, which the GC will consider to be
// deadlocked.
IF_DEBUG(scheduler, sched_belch("garbage collecting before heap census"));
GarbageCollect(GetRoots, rtsTrue);
IF_DEBUG(scheduler, sched_belch("performing heap census"));
performHeapProfile = rtsFalse;
return rtsTrue; // true <=> we already GC'd
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