Commit 8bb63c2e authored by rwbarton's avatar rwbarton Committed by Ben Gamari
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Remove extra_files entries for deleted tests

parent 35b5790e
......@@ -259,7 +259,6 @@ extra_src_files = {
'dynamicToo003': ['A003.hs'],
'dynamicToo004': ['Setup.hs', 'pkg1/', 'pkg1dyn/', 'pkg2/', 'prog.hs'],
'dynamicToo005': ['dynamicToo005.bkp'],
'dynamicToo006': ['A.hsig', 'B.hs'],
'dynamic_flags_001': ['A.hs', 'B.hs', 'C.hs'],
'dynamic_flags_002A': ['A_First.hs', 'A_Main.hs', 'A_Second.hs'],
'dynamic_flags_002B': ['B_First.hs', 'B_Main.hs', 'B_Second.hs'],
......@@ -338,7 +337,6 @@ extra_src_files = {
'jtod_circint': ['Bit.hs', 'LogFun.hs', 'Main.hs', 'Signal.hs'],
'jules_xref': ['Main.hs'],
'jules_xref2': ['Main.hs'],
'landmines': ['MineFixity.hs', 'MineKind.hs', 'MineNames.hs', 'MineType.hs'],
'launchbury': ['Main.hs'],
'lazy-bs-alloc': ['../../numeric/should_run/arith011.stdout'],
'lennart_range': ['Main.hs'],
......@@ -519,19 +517,6 @@ extra_src_files = {
'seward-space-leak': ['Main.lhs'],
'shared001': ['Shared001.hs'],
'sigcabal01': ['Main.hs', 'Setup.hs', 'p/'],
'sigof01': ['A.hs', 'B.hsig', 'Main.hs'],
'sigof01m': ['A.hs', 'B.hsig', 'Main.hs'],
'sigof02': ['Main.hs', 'Map.hsig'],
'sigof02d': ['Double.hs', 'Map.hsig', 'MapAsSet.hsig'],
'sigof02dm': ['Double.hs', 'Map.hsig', 'MapAsSet.hsig'],
'sigof02dmt': ['Double.hs', 'Map.hsig', 'MapAsSet.hsig'],
'sigof02dt': ['Double.hs', 'Map.hsig', 'MapAsSet.hsig'],
'sigof02m': ['Main.hs', 'Map.hsig'],
'sigof02mt': ['Main.hs', 'Map.hsig'],
'sigof02t': ['Main.hs', 'Map.hsig'],
'sigof03': ['A.hs', 'ASig1.hsig', 'ASig2.hsig', 'Main.hs'],
'sigof03m': ['A.hs', 'ASig1.hsig', 'ASig2.hsig', 'Main.hs'],
'sigof04': ['Sig.hsig'],
'simpl020': ['Simpl020_A.hs'],
'simpl021': ['Simpl021A.hs', 'Simpl021B.hs'],
'simplCore.oneShot': ['OneShot1.hs', 'OneShot2.hs'],
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