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[project @ 2001-03-24 14:58:04 by simonmar]

Turn CSE off when compiling main/DriverState for now.  It interacts
badly with our global variable hacks, commoning up several of them into
single variables :-(

We have a proposed fix for this, which is to make the NOINLINE pragma
also mean "NO SHARING", but it isn't committed yet.
parent 162e9baa
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id: Makefile,v 1.144 2001/03/16 14:36:19 sewardj Exp $
# $Id: Makefile,v 1.145 2001/03/24 14:58:04 simonmar Exp $
TOP = ..
include $(TOP)/mk/
......@@ -210,16 +210,16 @@ utils/Digraph_HC_OPTS = -fglasgow-exts
# because it contains a 'ccall strlen', which gets inlined by
# gcc, causing a lack of registers.
# -optC-funfolding-interface-threshold7
# To stop the definition of 'strLength', which calls strlen, getting
# into the interface file and spreading the -monly-3-regs virus.
# We need -optC here because the driver before 3.02 didn't understand
# the -funfolding flags.
utils/PrimPacked_HC_OPTS = -fvia-C -monly-3-regs
# ByteCodeItbls uses primops that the NCG doesn't support yet.
ghci/ByteCodeItbls_HC_OPTS = -fvia-C
# CSE interacts badly with the top-level IORefs in DriverState, causing some
# of them to be commoned up. We have a fix for this in 5.00+, but earlier
# versions of the compiler will need CSE turned off on this module.
main/DriverState_HC_OPTS = -fno-cse
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# C compilations
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